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  • Bath bubble balls
  • Magazines - Klubs, Playboy, etc.
  • Coins - Lats, santims
  • Collectibles
  • Wooden spoons
  • Custom woven bookmarks
  • National symbolic
  • Books
  • Hockey cards
  • Riga Dinamo merchandise
  • KHL (Continental Hockey League) goods
  • etc.


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Shipping cost and delivery days:
Shipping cost and delivery days to arrival depend on your country/region, size, and weight of your parcel. We do NOT charge you any handling fees but only the actual shipping cost.

Restricted items, Import tax and duty
There are certain restrictions on the items that we can ship to you. Also, there may be country specific import restrictions in your country. Please check with your country's customs authorities regarding these to avoid annoyances.

Depending on the item, it may be subject to import tax/duties. We take no responsibility on any import tax/duties incurred, so please inform yourself with your country's regulations before ordering.

Returns and refunds
We do not cover returns, exchanges, or refunds. In case of returns, exchange, or refunds, it will be treated as a new order and applying fees will occur.

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